Woe Unto You If You Still Don't Know How To Dealt With Email Virus! – Semalt Safety Tips

Anybody who has an email address is exposed to the risk of virus infection but observing basic internet safety can greatly help to reduce this exposure. Due to the increase of cybercrime incidents, it's important to remain vigilant about internet safety. Not a single window of opportunity should be left to cyber criminals. Spreading viruses through email might not be among the most frequently used methods today, but there is still a possibility that it can be used to perpetrate an attack.

According to Frank Abagnale, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, it is extremely important to know how to act on a daily basis to avoid any viruses that may be spread through email.

Ways of Avoiding Virus Infection Through Email

1. Being informed on how viruses are delivered

The internet continues to grow and so does the virus and malware 'industry.' Often, cybercriminals use methods that either very recent or those that have long been forgotten to catch victims by surprise. To avoid being caught unaware, simply know the current delivery methods so that you know how to avoid them.

2. Don't give out your email to any website

There are so many malicious sites trying to trap people into viruses and other cyber crimes. To minimize the chances of exposing yourself and your device to virus infection, refrain from giving out your email address on sites that you don't know. And if you must give out the email address, make sure the website is encrypted.

3. Keep your computer's virus protection updated

Always check to ensure that your anti-virus is updated. You can set the software to auto-update so that there's not a single day that the anti-virus is out of date (which means more exposure to viruses).

4. Use a secure browser

Using well-maintained sites to access your email is a good idea. Not only do you enjoy a good browsing experience but also cover all potential loopholes for virus spreading. You can also customize your email security settings on that browser. Such settings would include restricting the browser from accessing sensitive material, the strictness of your email junk filter, etc.

5. Turn the email preview feature on

When this feature is turned on, you can get a glimpse of the content even without opening the email. Thus you can ascertain that the information contained in an email is safe before opening the email. Email services like Outlook provide this feature.

6. Observe the DONTs of suspicious emails

Suspicious emails are those emails from unknown sources, hoax emails (those asking for personal information), or those that contain a suspicious link or attachment.
For emails from unknown sources:
- NEVER open the attachments or click any link contained in the email
- NEVER download any attachment
- If you've already downloaded an attachment, don't open it until it is scanned for viruses.

For a hoax email, don't even bother opening or replying it. You will just be wasting your time and increasing the chances of getting your computer infected with malware.

Some emails come with information that your computer is infected. Don't trust them instantly. Double check the status of your computer using your antivirus software before proceeding with the email. Such emails are usually intended to make you click a link or open an attachment indicated as the 'solution, ' but it's a Trojan in the real sense.

7. Clear your browsing history and cookies frequently

Cookies store your browsing information so that it is easy and fast to reload commonly-used web pages. However, these small bits of information can be used by malicious minds to access your email address. Clearing them off is the best way to minimize the risk of exposing your email to such criminals.

In matters of internet security, it is always best to use your best judgment when surrendering any information or when you receive an email. If there's something that makes you feel skeptical about a certain email, you better not open it or take great caution when opening it. Following internet safety guidelines might not be a sure way to avoid getting the virus through email, but it can reduce exposure to these viruses significantly.

Anybody who has an email address is exposed to the risk of virus infection but observing basic internet safety can greatly help to reduce...

Semalt Explains How To Create Meta Descriptions That Generate Traffic In E-Commerce

In any business, fetching traffic is one of the ways to reach the new heights. When running Search Engine Optimization (SEO), meta tags and descriptions are the essential areas to place competitive keywords. E-commerce meta descriptions are the short ads.

HTML meta tags give a server valuable information about a web page. There is always a meta tag for the description of page content, meta tag for copyright information and a meta tag holding robots.txt. For example, "<meta name="description" page="description">".

The meta description tags are important especially in social media marketing. It gives the incentive for dominance and relevance when the page sharing gets too frequent. Thus, SMM is a primary method of fetching clients. It helps initial start-ups to beat the competitors and give everyone a chance to dominate in their niches.

Nik Chaykovskiy, the Customer Success manager of Semalt describes the key aspects you have to consider when creating meta descriptions.

When to Use Meta Descriptions

For a particular set of keywords, a meta description can be beneficial to making some conversions. Meta description gives viewers one more confirmation about the relevance of your content for a given set of keywords. Search queries, which look similar require a meta description to break the tie.

Semalt recommends involving long tail keywords for meta descriptions. If content involves more than three keywords, do not use them in the meta description. The search engine can easily make mistake because of the keyword stuffing, which, in turn, earns you a flag. You should take a portion of that page and use a snippet to make it appear on the search query information.

Writing a Good E-commerce Meta Description

For many applications, the best length for a meta description is a maximum 160 characters. For instance, Google as a company has a website with a meta description, which contains 159 characters. This includes even spaces as characters.

When making a good meta description, it is important to consider it as a tweet or a Facebook post. Twitter has the limit of 160 characters. You can also follow some of the following guidelines:

Use keywords. 

Search phrases present the content, which is elevant to what the user is searching. It is the relevance which constitutes to some of the factors which make the algorithm rank you high.

Use verbs. 

Verbs prompt a person to take an action immediately. You can use a phrase like "Shop earphones at Jumia".

Use call-to-action. 

Combine a meta description with actions such as "shop", "download" or "buy".

Build templates. 

It is too tiring to write a new meta description for every page. Using templates, you can make it easy.

Meta descriptions help your website rank high through indirect means. Many people fail to realize that gaining a top position does not necessarily imply clicks. Meta descriptions convert a person viewing a page to click it. It contains valuable information which makes sense on the search queries for a given set of keywords. They also feature another great thing, open graph description. Meta tags are short enough to feature on social media posts. Social media engagement is one of the ways backlinks and relevance can enhance SEO giving you more visitors.

In any business, fetching traffic is one of the ways to reach the new heights. When running Search Engine Optimization (SEO), meta tags a...

Semalt: How Link Building Will Change In The Next Decade

Link building is one of the limited significant tactics you can use in SEO campaign. The on-site optimization is momentous for creating some baseline authority. Additionally, it is important in providing web crawlers relevant and ample content to crawl. However, placing or attracting more more inbound links for passing authority to your website is a necessity. This improves visibility of a site.

This practice has been evolving over the years since its first implementation in Google. Research conducted by Semalt revealed that 24% of SEO professionals believe that links are "somewhat important", while 72% think that link building is an important ranking factor. Accordingly, backlinks are the most important authority and trust factors for Google.

To maximize on link building as a significant part of SEO strategy, you must understand the trend of link building best practices and their possible changes. Michael Brown, the leading expert of Semalt Digital Services, gives the insight on the key aspects of link building and their possible transformation.

The Evolvement of Link Building

Google started using PageRank as it was guiding algorithm in the beginning. However, ranking factors continued to fluctuate intensely over the years while basics of PageRank remained unchanged. Google’s first few years were exploited by spammers who used automated software. The company started to fight such tactics. In 2012, Pengium update forced Google to take a firm stand on the quality of links and penalize irrelevant links.

These developments led to an era of “natural link building.” In this regard, link building tactics evolved towards attracting links with exemplary contents and posting high-quality articles on publications. Therefore, this article is based on Google’s indicators and past experiences to explain the evolution of link building.

Outside Factors

Is it possible for Google to explicitly weaken the power of links? Instead, I think Google will increase the power of other peripheral elements on a page’s authority and circulation of a domain. The two most important factors are reviews and socials signals.

To begin with, the quality and quantity of your business reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor and Yelp have the significant impact on your rankings. The power of consumer reviews will expand in the future to more than just third-party review websites and introduction of linguistic indicators to evaluate the quality of reviews. Finally, we could witness interactions and mentions on social media serving as a measuring brand’s authority. Presently, social signals have a little impact on a page’s rank.

Revision of PageRank

Lastly, in the next decade, Google might dismantle PageRank as the web starts to assume a new form. SEO experts argue that it’s unlikely for Google to pursue this course of action. However, as we all know, mobile apps are threatening traditional sites. Therefore, it is not unthinkable to imagine a future where an online search is entirely overhauled.

Link building is one of the limited significant tactics you can use in SEO campaign. The on-site optimization is momentous for creating s...

Ini Dia Paket Tour Holyland Katolik yang Bisa Dicoba

Holyland atau Yerusalem adalah ibu kota dari Israel. Disini terdapat banyak tempat wisata dan tempat ziarah yang bisa Anda kunjungi, ketika Anda berlibur. Mulai dari Gereja hingga tempat – tempat lain yang tidak kalah bagusnya. Jika Anda penasaran, berikut adalah beberapa informasi mengenai tempat wisata di Yerusalem :

Gereja St. Peter Galicantu

Gereja ini adalah gereja Katolik yang berlokasi di luar kota Yerusalem. Tepatnya terletak di lereng Gunung Sion. Menurut tradisi yang ada, Tuhan Yesus setelah ditangkap oleh tentara Romawi, Ia dipenjara di tempat ini. Tempat ini adalah rumah imam besar Kayafas. Gereja ini pun diberi nama Galicantu yang berarti ayam berkokok. Ini disesuaikan dengan kejadian ketika Petrus menyangkal Tuhan Yesus sebelum ayam berkokok sebanyak 3 kali.

Gereje St. Peter Galicantu didirikan pada tahun 1931 di atas gereja yang sebelumnya sudah dibangun. Sebelumnya, gereja ini merupakan gereja Pertobatan Petrus yang didirikan pada tahun 457 Masehi. Maka dari itu, gereja tersebut adalah kombinasi dari model dan gaya bangunan dari waktu yang berbeda. Karya – karya seni yang kuno tetapi dengan desain yang modern.

Hal yang paling mengesankan disini adalah mosaik besar yang menceritakan kisah dari Perjanjian Baru. Di halaman gereja, ada sebuah patung yang menceritakan Petrus menyangkal Tuhan Yesus. Gereja St. Peter Galicantu ini juga diperluas hingga ke bawah tanah, dengan menggabungkan batu yang lebih rendah dari gua – gua kuno di kapel. Lebih jauh ke bawah permukaan tanah, ada beberapa ruangan dimana Tuhan Yesus dulunya mungkin dipenjara.  

The Western Wall Tunnels

Tempat wisata selanjutnya adalah Western Wall Tunnels, yang memiliki nama lain yaitu terowongan barat. Jika Anda kesini, maka akan menemukan terowongan yang mempunyai pondasi kuat. Di bagian ujung dari terowongan ini terdapat suatu tempat yang bisa membuat Anda melihat proses pembangunan dari terowongan barat di masa lalu. Caranya dengan memanfaatkan teknologi rekayasa sains dan animasi film yang sangat menarik. Anda pun akan mendapat pengetahuan mengenai cara membuat batu pondasi yang besar dan cara menaikan batu besar sehingga bisa membentuk bangunan yang kokoh.

Jika Anda menganggap untuk tour ke Yerusalem cukup sulit. Jangan khawatir, karena Anda bisa memesan paket tour Holyland Katolik dengan mengecek website INSIGHTTOUR.ID. Berwisata ke Yerusalem bisa dengan mudah Anda dapatkan.  

Holyland atau Yerusalem adalah ibu kota dari Israel. Disini terdapat banyak tempat wisata dan tempat ziarah yang bisa Anda kunjungi, ketika...

Semalt: Latest Technologies Save Millions Of Lives

Ross Barber, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, is going to share an awesome story how UNICEF helped youth using state-of-the-art SMS platform named U-Report.

People often consider UNICEF to be responsible for the needs of children since this organization has saved the countless youth. Specifically, it continues to prove itself in their quick response to Hurricane Irma. Along with U-Report, an SMS platform with image optimization, they delivered information and safety instructions efficiently to possible victims. Although it is merely a simple story, and it is quite wonderful.

Request for Immediate Action

During September 2, UNICEF Latin America and Caribbean offices were keeping in touch with the experts from the UNICEF's Global Innovation Center. The reason for this was to launch U-Report in the Caribbean and to promote it via Facebook, as a reaction to the update of Hurricane Irma's trajectory.

A Convenient Method of Communication

The new communication platform, named U-Report, employs an SMS or texting technology that comes with image optimization, for convenient collection and spreading of crucial, life-saving information for the youth. Furthermore, the application acts as a mean for them to voice out their troubles and request for help. Thus, U-Report truly counts as a revolutionary innovation for the welfare of the people.

In the past, U-Report was used to prevent the spread of the lethal Ebola virus in Liberia back in 2014. With the application, UNICEF and allied institutions can send out polls to identify issues that people experience and share with them any available life-saving information and instructions.

The Sole Source of Information

Among the 10.5 million children living in the countries that are about to face Hurricane Irma, about half of them stated that U-Report was the sole source of information and safety advice available. While the storm passes, UNICEF continues to utilize the platform to gather information about the locations of youth in need of help. After that, UNICEF may start employing responses catered to the needs of the affected.

Incoming Supplies from Copenhagen

In response to the needy, UNICEF's Supplies Division located in Copenhagen begins to act. With the world's largest warehouse, they are capable of providing humanitarian assistance to the victims. Now, they have started supplies packing and loading into planes.

Hope Will Never Die Out

With their SMS platform, U-Report, UNICEF managed to respond quickly to the upcoming disaster, while granting the youth a mean of communication and a source of information. Thanks to U-Report, with its texting technology and image optimization, safety instructions quickly spread among the ten and a half millions of youth who were about to face the hurricane, saving countless lives. Now, UNICEF sends food supplies and other relief goods to the victims. Overall, hope will not die out as long as people remain proactive in helping others.

Ross Barber, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, is going to share an awesome story how UNICEF helped youth using state-of-the-art SMS ...

3 Lokasi yang Perlu Dikunjungi Saat Berkunjung ke Australia

Liburan adalah keharusan bagi kita yang setiap harinya disibukkan dengan berbagai macam tugas pekerjaan. Pikiran penat, fisik lelah adalah alarm agar kita segera mengistirahatkan diri dari tugas-tugas pekerjaan yang melelahkan tersebut. Tidak perlu jauh-jauh, cukup ke negara tetangga, seperti Australia misalnya. Apalagi jika kita memiliki keluarga yang tinggal disana, maka berkunjung ke Australia adalah pilihan yang tepat karena kita bisa mengunjunginya.

Sesampainya di Australia, kita bisa langsung menemui keluarga disana dan sekaligus mengajak mereka pergi mengunjungi tempat-tempat wisata yang ada di Negara Kanguru tersebut. Karena perjalanan dari Indonesia ke Australia tidak jauh, sepertinya akan lebih baik jika kita langsung menikmati wisata disana. Nah, berikut adalah beberapa tempat yang dapat kita kunjungi bersama keluarga.

Taman Botani

Karena di Melbourne dapat kita jumpai banyak taman, maka tidak aneh jika Melbourne ini dikenal sebagai garden city. Kesan hijau begitu lekat dengan kota ini. Terlebih jika kita pergi berwisata dengan keluarga, maka Royal Botanic Gardens bisa menjadi tujuannya. Di taman ini terdapat lebih dari 10 ribu tanaman. Tentu ini menjadi bentuk hiburan yang tepat bagi kita yang sehari-hari melihat padatnya lalu lintas. Ya, menikmati udara sejuk di antara ribuan pohon tentu sangat menyegarkan.

Mengunjungi Galeri Nasional

Bertandang ke Australia tak lengkap jika tidak kita sempatkan untuk mengenal karya seniman Australia. Untuk itu, kita bisa mengunjungi National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) dimana di dalamnya tersimpan banyak koleksi foto, perhiasan, lukisan, gambar-gambar khas Australia dan bahkan kita juga dapat melihat koleksi lukisan karya seniman Aborigin. 

Menyusuri Lorong-Lorong Melbourne

Mungkin kita sudah jenuh dengan hiruk pikuk kota Jakarta yang selalu ramai. Tapi bagaimana sensasi yang bisa kita rasakan jika menemukannya di Australia? Nah, kita bisa menyusuri lorong di Central Bussiness Distric (CBD) yang dikenal ramai. Nanti, di blok Laneway Arcade kita dapat berwisata kuliner disana. Ya, disana terdapat banyak sekali jenis makanan yang dijajakan layaknya lapak kaki lima. Tapi jangan salah, variasi makanan yang disediakan ala-ala bintang lima. Bahkan kita juga bisa menikmati menu kepiting salju dengan 12 rasa yang dimasak oleh Ben Shewry, seorang chef yang cukup terkenal.

Karena liburan kali ini terbilang singkat, sepertinya kita memang harus membatasi tempat-tempat yang harus dikunjungi. Hal ini tidak menjadi masalah, sebab kita justru bisa lebih menikmati momen-momen di setiap lokasi dalam waktu yang lama. Tapi, meski ini hanya liburan singkat, kita tetaplah berada di luar negeri. Jadi, persiapan yang dibutuhkan juga harus memadai. Jangan lupa pula untuk menggunakan HTTPS://PASSPOD.ID supaya liburan lebih nyaman karena koneksi internet terjamin dan bisa senantiasa berkabar dengan keluarga di rumah. 

Liburan adalah keharusan bagi kita yang setiap harinya disibukkan dengan berbagai macam tugas pekerjaan. Pikiran penat, fisik lelah adala...

Rumah Dijual Murah Pondok Pucung Bintaro

Ingin segera memiliki rumah? Segera bertindak cepat. Memiliki rumah sendiri pastinya menjadi keinginan setiap orang. Apalagi jika Anda sudah berkeluarga, tentunya keluarga Anda menginginkan hunian yang nyaman untuk mereka. Jangan sampai keluarga Anda tidak betah dirumah. Sungguh disayangkan bukan jika keluarga Anda lebih memilih menghabiskan waktu diluar rumah. Padahal waktu berkumpul dengan keluarga adalah kesempatan yang sangat baik untuk berbagi cerita dan berkumpul bersama setelah seharian menjalankan rutinitas yang melelahkan. Nah rumah dijual murah akan membantu Anda memiliki hunian yang nyaman dan luas. Rumah dijual murah Pondok Pucung Bintaro hadir untuk Anda. rumah ini di lengkapi fasilitas yang lengkap dan juga area perumahan yang asri.

Rumah Asri Siap Huni Pondok Pucung Bintaro
Faktor kenyamanan dalam menghuni rumah salah satunya dipengaruhi oleh lokasi di mana rumah tersebut dibangun. Nah, di Bintaro terdapat rumah yang sangat cocok buat Anda yang ingin segera memiliki hunian sendiri. Siapa sih yang gak tahu Bintaro? Kota dengan segala keindahan alam dan juga keindahan kota di dalam nya. Rumah dijual murah yang siap huni adalah pilihan yang sangat tepat untuk Anda. Apalagi jika Anda adalah pasangan baru yang baru saja membina rumah tangga. Pastinya memiliki hunian baru merupakan target atau tujuan utama yang harus di penuhi. Dengan lokasi rumah yang asri akan membuat hari-hari Anda semakin bersemangat dan juga gak akan cepat bosan. Wujudkan segera rumah idaman Anda dengan rumah dijual murah Pondok Pucung dengan cepat.

Dijual Rumah Murah Luas Dan Nyaman
Anda termasuk seseorang yang ingin segera memiliki rumah sendiri? Tunggu apa lagi segera wujudkan impian Anda tersebut. Rumah memang hal utama yang harus dipenuhi oleh setiap orang. Dengan memiliki rumah sendiri juga akan membuat kepuasan dan kebanggaan tersendiri bagi pemilik rumah. Namun, di era ini masih banyak yang belum memiliki rumah sendiri. salah satu penghambatnya adalah masalah keuangan yang masih kurang mencukupi. Kebanyakan masih mengumpulkan pundi-pundi uang untuk mewujudkan hunian impian. Nah, solusi yang tepat untuk memiliki hunian dengan cepat adalah rumah dijual murah. Rumah dijual murah ini dilengkapi dengan fasilitas-fasilitas yang lengkap dan juga memadai. Sehinga Anda akan merasakan kenyamanan dan juga betah berada di hunian ini.

Selanjutnya, untuk memudahkan impian Anda untuk segera memiliki rumah sendiri segera bergabung dengan kami. Dengan bergabung dengan kami, rumah idaman Anda bukan hal yang mustahil untuk diwujudkan.

Ingin segera memiliki rumah? Segera bertindak cepat. Memiliki rumah sendiri pastinya menjadi keinginan setiap orang. Apalagi jika Anda suda...