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What is viagra?

There's no need in explaining what Viagra is. Even small kids know a lot about it, as it was strongly advertised and made a topic of discussion for numerous magazines and TV shows. And Viagra definitely deserved the hype as it was the very first for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Since its introduction in 1998 millions of men all over the globe have used it to get their potency back and were successful. And even today Viagra remains to be the most popular ED medication in the world.

Why viagra?

Viagra has paved the way for other erectile dysfunction medications as this market has literally boomed after the Blue Pill was introduced. Many generic Viagra variations as well as ED treatments from other companies followed, but none of them could reach the level of Viagra. The Blue Pill gives you a chance to restore the joy of intimacy no matter how severe your ED may be. It has helped many men who didn't have any erection for years and have given up hope altogether. Think you should give it a try? Yes, of course! Why would you want your chance to go buy if all you need to restore your sexual life is Viagra? Get your original and generic Viagra today and discover how it can help you too! All you need is right here on this site, so compare the prices, place your order and discover the new-found dimension of sexual ecstasy with Viagra!


Brand vs generic Viagra

There are so many sites online selling Viagra at a wide range of prices out there. And if you have visited any of such sites, you have definitely seen that there are many different types of Viagra sold. Besides the brand medication itself many sites offer generic Viagra variations that cost far less than the original drug. Of course, this makes many of you ask if these generic variations are worth a try or a waste of time and money, if not even danger to your health. To clear things out, here is a short and concise explanation of the generic Viagra phenomenon we see on the web these days.

First of all, you have to learn what generic drugs and brand drugs are. When a pharmaceutical company develops a new drug, it invests millions of dollars into research, clinical tests and marketing to make the new medication available at the market. In order to secure a share of return from the initial investments, pharmaceutical companies usually receive the exclusive right to market the newly developed drug formula under a certain brand name, in certain countries over a certain period of time. But in countries where this exclusive right does not take legal force, the very same formula can be packaged under a different brand name. Such non-branded variations are called generics.

Generics are usually completely identical to brand drugs in what concerns chemical contents, mechanism of action and effects delivered. The things that are different are the package, the name and the price. Generic drugs usually cost much lower than their brand counterparts because they are typically produced in third-world countries and they don't involve any research, development or marketing costs. The point here is that generic variations are not cheaper because they are of a lower quality, but because branded variations are priced higher in order to reimburse research, development, test and production costs of the pharmaceutical companies that develop the new drug.

It is up to you to decide whether to pay for branded drugs or buy cheap generic Viagra. If you are brand loyal and want to make sure that you get a top quality product then you would want to go with the original formulation. If you don't care about the package and the name on it and don't have a big budget for ED pills then generic Viagra will certainly do you well. The point here is that both will work just as you want it.



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